Until 15 July 2021 we are pleased to present the personal exhibition of the painter FRANCESCO BARBIERI in our summer exhibition site at the port of PUNTA ALA, entitled “OVERBOARD”.
It will be possible to visit the exhibition – either by appointment by calling the number 338 – 4520080 – and during the normal opening hours of the Gallery’s exhibition site, with the obligation to use the mask and respect the spacing.
The edge in this story refers to the black color and its overcoming because in this exhibition of unpublished works by Francesco Barbieri the author intentionally wanted to force his stylistic limits, venturing for the first time in his career outside the comfortable “graphic cage” that had so far distinguished him as a painter.
In fact, in the research that Barbieri has been carrying out for years, black has always played a predominant role, as an indispensable means to synthesize the geometries of the urban and railway landscapes dear to him, deriving directly from urban writing the impact, aggression, and energy of the so-called “outline”.
Going overboard, today, therefore, means overcoming the black outline of the sign and opening with courage and “without a net” to a new painting, full of only light and color.
In the series of canvases on display, you will find as the protagonist an absolute material color, built on the wide use of paper glued in layers on the canvas. This develops from a compositional point of view through wise overlaps of urban shots that often isolate – as frames of multiple screens – landscapes surrounded by abstract painting in the background.

Matteo Scuffiotti

works on exhibition