From 30 september 2023 at 5 p.m. we are pleased to present the personal exhibition of Stefania Sagliocco entitled “LEGÀMI”.

In this exhibition Stefania Sagliocco gives us fragments of memory that cross time.

In the new collages, which often almost trespass into installations, finds and materials from different eras overlap to induce us true “emotional flashbacks”, as introspective and highly personal as they are potentially universal.

The protagonists are affections, memories, everything important that must survive the flow of time (if a time really exists…).

But this is not a film about nostalgia, but rather a lucid and mature reflection of the author on what remains, what is important, traveling through an “extended time” that is none other than the life of each of us.

The exhibited works are “bookmarks” of general emotional connections that remind us of who we are, out of the noise.

As an appendix to the aforementioned exhibited works, two artist’s books by the author, also made with the collage technique, are also presented for the first time, focusing on the theme of travel.

However, it is also in this case an entirely inner, aimless journey, which, reconnecting with the main theme of the exhibition, is nothing but a figurative representation of an emotional state, oscillating between past and present.

The books thus deal with the tale of the home one leaves behind and the love one learns for it precisely because of the distance.

The only real protagonist will thus be the discovery (or rediscovery) of identity.

A journey understood as a long return to oneself.