From 16 th April 2022 at 6.00 pm we are pleased to present the new personal exhibition of DANIELE CESTARI, entitled “METAMORPHOSIS”.

It will be possible to visit the exhibition until 31 May – either by appointment by calling the number 338 – 4520080 – and during the normal opening hours of the Gallery, with the obligation to use the mask and respect the spacing.

In recent times the gaze alone is no longer enough for me, the involvement of other senses has become urgent and necessary.

When I observe an object, flowers for this exhibition, they are not only just colours, they are no longer just a “form”, which satisfies the need for sight, but also “substance”, which fulfills the need to touch and smell, the instinctive and uncontrolled need to smell and touch that material that only afterwards creates the image.

As a painter, but first of all as a man, I take in the energy of the world around me, I breathe the moment and feed my person with what’s around me, through all the senses.

In this all-encompassing experience, however, also comes in what I perhaps no longer want to see and what I actually need.

So today the need for an absolute nature has prevailed in me. A nature that takes back the human soul, the material, the contact, expressed by the uncompromising power of a firm pictorial gesture.

I therefore broke the straight lines of the cities, moving away from the subjects and colors that everyone would expect from me. I’m sure that when I’ll return to paint the urban landscapes they will be enriched with new feelings, signs, colors and footprints.

So what better than flowers to do it? In fact, what better excuse than painting flowers…?

This is my metamorphosis today, the metamorphosis of flowers.”                                                                                                                                                                                          

Daniele Cestari

works on exhibition