From 30 september 2023 at 5 p.m. we are pleased to present the personal exhibition of Stefania Sagliocco entitled “LEGÀMI”.

In this exhibition Stefania Sagliocco gives us fragments of memory that cross time.

In the new collages, which often almost trespass into installations, finds and materials from different eras overlap to induce us true “emotional flashbacks”, as […]

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From 24th July 2021 at 6.00 pm we are pleased to present the first personal exhibition of STEFANO TASSI at the Gallery in Montalcino, entitled “CITTA ‘ANEMICHE”. It will be possible to visit the exhibition until 15 August – either by appointment by calling the number 338 – 4520080 – and during the normal opening […]

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IN FABULA – personal exhibition of the painter Luca Rubegni

On Saturday 7 November, at 4.00 pm, we are pleased to present the second personal exhibition of the painter Luca Rubegni with our Gallery, entitled “IN FABULA”. It will be possible to visit the exhibition – until 30 November 2020 – both by appointment by calling the number 338 – 4520080 – and during […]

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With this new exhibition, Giacomo De Carolis leads us towards some primordial places, where Nature is the absolute protagonist.

It is an overbearing nature, solitary and uncontaminated, sovereign of the photographic visual space.

We’re not contemplating landscape compositions commonly conceived: the author’s gaze, intense and brave, does not describe the real but opens up to an […]

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Saturday 29 June, at 6.00 pm in Montalcino (SI), via Mazzini 21, at the Galleria La Linea – Contemporary Art – will be inaugurated the first bi-personal exhibition of the architects Massimo Mariani and Massimo Gasperini.

The exhibition – titled “Vado al Massimo” – which will remain in the gallery calendar until July 21 – will […]

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WORDS THAT I HAVEN’T TOLD YOU – the first solo exhibition of the painter Luca Rubegni

On Saturday 13th of April at 6.00 pm, we are pleased to inaugurate the first solo exhibition of the painter Luca Rubegni.
The exhibition – entitled “Words that I haven’t told you” – which will remain open until the 5th of May – it will be presented by the texts written by Omar Galliani and Matteo […]

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ANTITESI – Barbieri, Cestari and Gasperini on exhibition

Barbieri, Cestari and Gasperini are the three artists who dedicated their entire lives to the representation of the city.

A city which they investigated thoroughly, each one according to his own personal research and history, and which they expressed pictorially and graphically in the most varied approaches possible yet always with the ultimate aim of understanding […]

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“Flow shooting” – a Giacomo De Carolis solo exhibition

We are pleased to present Giacomo De Carolis, photographer represented by our gallery, with his second personal exhibition titled Flow Shooting, edited by Tamara Detti.

Anyone who is looking at a photographic job naturally associates the series of shots with a process occurred through a predefined scheme, usually predisposed to achieving a result, imagining that the […]

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“Femina” – a Paolo De Cuarto solo exhibition

We are extremely proud to present the solo exhibition of the artist Paolo De Cuarto entitled “Femina”, edited by Emma Pirozzi.

The exhibition – from April 1 to April 23 – is a real celebration of female sensuality of the early twentieth century expressed through the style, technique and pictorial sensibility typical of the author, who has always focused […]

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A SICK BOY – Michele Guidarini solo show

During SETUP CONTEMPORARY | ARTFAIR 2017 on January 27 • 28 • 29 in Bologna
Galleria La Linea presents A SICK BOY
Michele Guidarini Solo Exhibition curated by Eva di Tullio
“Every order is an action of an equilibrium of extremely precariousness” says Walter Benjamin. And order, equilibrium and precariousness are the three words that describe the project […]

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