During SETUP CONTEMPORARY | ARTFAIR 2017 on January 27 • 28 • 29 in Bologna

Galleria La Linea presents A SICK BOY
Michele Guidarini Solo Exhibition curated by Eva di Tullio

“Every order is an action of an equilibrium of extremely precariousness” says Walter Benjamin. And order, equilibrium and precariousness are the three words that describe the project “A Sick Boy” by Michele Guidarini, three elements that identify his works and his spasmodic inclination toward a symbolic order that he absorbs from the world, figures, icons and religion developed in punk and pop items that in his mind are composed and decomposed in countless shapes and colors chasing each other and flow into the work “I wanna die young” (2015), the core of the entire complex of his works: nine works which can be composed and decomposed up to a myriad of combinations supported by an equilibrium in which we are an essential part when the artist triggers his playful machinery.

In this collection, whose complexity is directly proportional to his research, we can notice a mix of elements arisen from a precarious equilibrium that leads the artist to his creation and the apprehension of his gesture is insinuated into his rapid and psychedelic chromatic strokes that come from his sick thought.
“I am a sick boy, I have a twisted vision of life, that life which I consider just a film that hides my imagination, the purity of human beings, ghosts, fairies, chips placed into our body in order to make us submissive. I am sick as I don’t see shapes, outlines or colors but only cutouts of shadows exploding in the dark. Being sick makes more sensible.”

This sensibility is clear in the whole collection of this project, works that celebrates his desire of iconic, chromatic and technical experimentation and using different mediums he challenges his abilities that never bore the observer.
In his every single work we look for those hidden peculiarities on the surface that appears like a crossword puzzle or a character puzzle, those elements in the series black and white in which research and reflection encourage the artist in studying the close white space of the surface:
“Image to have a crossword puzzle and to look at it as if it was a series of empty spaces that you need to fill and you always know what to do even if you don’t know why, not even the places of your departure and arrival but you feel that, space by space, you are doing the right think. And you have the proof and the guarantee.”
The proof that his surrealism continues to be expressed by the combination of shapes and colors maintained in time and the guarantee that his fantastic twist continues also in the very last works.
Expressive research, plots of technics, chromatic calibration, iconographic study, praise of imperfection and emotional majesty are the inner elements of this vicious circle and continuous artistic equilibrium.
Eva di Tullio


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