On Saturday 7 November, at 4.00 pm, we are pleased to present the second personal exhibition of the painter Luca Rubegni with our Gallery, entitled “IN FABULA”.
It will be possible to visit the exhibition – until 30 November 2020 – both by appointment by calling the number 338 – 4520080 – and during the normal opening hours of the Gallery, with the obligation to use the mask and respect the spacing.

A century seems to have passed since two years ago Luca Rubegni exhibited in the gallery for his first solo show “The words I haven’t told you”.
On January Luca called me from Milan to tell me that his “scribe’s inclination” was changing from “alphabetical image” to “iconography”.
I personally took note of this, but only after several months I fully understood what he really meant, observing the beautiful works painted during the lockdown, which you can admire here today.
This ideal paradigm revolution was followed by an absolute revolution in the pictorial paradigm.
Wide and flat backgrounds, patinated as if they were precious enamels and an obsessive choice of “pop” shades which stand out powerfully on the canvas, without compromise.
The subjects are porcelain vases, forgotten architectures, columns, towers, wallpapers, oriental carpets and scented flowers that mix to create continuous non-existent sets, where the absence of the human being is central: objects suspended between dreams and tales of ancient fairy tales.
Fairy tales after all contain a complex iconic imaginary, which by their own nature allows a polyvalent interpretation of the contents and this is what Luca Rubegni has done with this new cycle of symbolic, metaphysical, lyrical and surreal paintings.
A great theatre of environments – a great silent beauty.

Matteo Scuffiotti

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