With this new exhibition, Giacomo De Carolis leads us towards some primordial places, where Nature is the absolute protagonist.

It is an overbearing nature, solitary and uncontaminated, sovereign of the photographic visual space.

We’re not contemplating landscape compositions commonly conceived: the author’s gaze, intense and brave, does not describe the real but opens up to an ancient world, the original ancestral time/space, whispering stories about life before (human) history.

De Carolis technique – as always, rigorously analogical – ‘stresses out’ the images until the very borders of the visible: extreme overexposure in the shooting phase combined with a meticulous emphasis on the contrasts while printing in the darkroom, completely outcasting the gray scale.

Thanks to this artifice, we stare at the projection of an ideal universe, where nature itself seems to exist only as essential pure form.

The viewer, lost among the shapes of this nature, sets out for an authentic mythological journey, a dazzling immersion within the light of Time.

Matteo Scuffiotti Bruno Cappagli

Translation Irene Silvestri

works on exhibition