Giacomo De Carolis, born in Siena in 1973, is not a professional photographer.
His career path is absolutely and obstinately out of date – and, because of that, so fascinating – made of effort, simplicity and essentiality in minute detail.
Lifeguard in during the summer and surfer and traveller in winter, Giacomo has learned to listen to himself and has found his real soul and deep meaning of life in analogical photography over the years: a primordial, dirty, flawed and true photography as few others can be found among his contemporaries.

De Carolis’s research path does not stop at the each snapshot though, as his visceral and continual thirst founds its completion in the exasperated and maniacal dark room printing: it is only in the red light room that he feels at peace.

De Carolis’s pictures are not only to be seen: they are also to touched and smelled.
We are talking about a true praise and tribute to traditional black and white photography and its deepest meaning, with no infrastructures, vanity nor compromises.