From 13th August 2022 at 6.00 pm we are pleased to present the new personal exhibition of LUCA GRECHI entitled “OPEN”.

It will be possible to visit the exhibition until 30 September – either by appointment by calling the number 338 – 4520080 – and during the normal opening hours of the Gallery, with the obligation to respect the anti Covid rules.

Open: this is how we could define Luca’s Grechi painting path.

A research always investigating multiple pathways, going backwards, from today to adolescence. Title, this, chosen for a reason, for many of the pieces exposed in this exhibition.

The playfulness, inextricably bounded to adolescence, is what accompanies us through life and allow us to reinvent ourselves over and over.

The works exposed come into the world to answer the need for investigating a new painting path, researching a “game”, a lost emotion, capable of transforming your gaze into something new, grabbing a deeper level, where the sign vibrates through its colour, defined by a dot and cadenced by a pause.

Let us ask our selves who we’ve been and who we are, a gesture ballade born from the encounter between line and dot: a justification to play a new match, another one, with and against ourselves.

To a close gaze it will be clear that, there are two parallel matches to be played: an external one, played in front of the canvas, filled up with signs and colours vibrating with life, and an internal one, played with and against ourselves, where game and colours become an attractive invite to “create while happening”.

Like this, in his studio, the painter has searched and found his proper dimension, playing tennis against the canvas.

The result of this process, has been a fascinating and silent transformation, powerfully expressing the strength of action of colours encountering the sound of the ball bouncing, articulating the time in sight and hearing. Playing a visual music, where the ball bounces are notes drawn on an incomplete score.

Open exhibition has been created during two and a half years, in which Luca Grechi has confronted himself with a new chapter of his journey, moved by the urge of naming every crisis and the need to push the limit further, towards the unknown. A place as insidious and comfortable as the known.

A true new image was born, made of solutions, techniques and new resumes, but strongly anchored to the artist personal history.

works on exhibition