Luca Grechi (Grosseto, Italy – 1985), lives and works in Rome. From 2004 to 2008 he travelled between Central America, South America and France. He then settled in Rome where in 2010 he graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts with the tutoring of the artist Enzo Orti. During his journeys he deepened his interest in live drawing and the landscape, developing a peculiar aptitude for collecting abandoned objects and papers left at the mercy of events, such as highly suggestive elements for his current research inspired by observation of nature, from the processes of transformation and evolution of things in relation to the passing of time.

Among his most recent solo shows: Apparire (Galleria Richter Fine Art, Rome, 2019), C’è una volta (Galleria Richter Fine Art, 2017, Rome), Infinito (Galleria La Linea, 2016, Montalcino), Un sasso sul mare #2 (Sala Santa Rita, 2016, Rome), Sinkhole (Galleria Artothèque de Rome, Rome, 2013). Among the most recent group exhibitions: Futuro Primitivo (Palazzo Storico Comunale di Montalcino, 2019), Sottobosco (Muzeul National de Arta, Cluj-Napoca, 2018), It Was not me (Wonder-Liebert, 2018, Paris), Forever Never Comes (Museo Archeologico della Maremma, 2017, Grosseto), Non amo che le rose che non colsi (Galleria Richter Fine Art, 2016, Rome), Asyndeton (Castello di Rivara, 2016, Rivara, To), L’Uomo, Il Suono, La Natura (Terravecchia, 2016, Campania), I Materiali della pittura (Il Frantoio, 2016, Capalbio), Iconologia Onirica (Galleria La Linea, 2015, Montalcino), The Grass Grows (Basel, 2014). In 2016 he exhibited at the Mac in Lissone on the occasion of the Lissone Award.