We are pleased to present Giacomo De Carolis, photographer represented by our gallery, with his second personal exhibition titled Flow Shooting, edited by Tamara Detti.

Anyone who is looking at a photographic job naturally associates the series of shots with a process occurred through a predefined scheme, usually predisposed to achieving a result, imagining that the author is looking for a precise project, following pre-determined phases and notions.
In this case instead, Giacomo De Carolis approach is completely inverse, we can say an overwhelming approach. The author finds himself in a true state of “flow” – a different state of consciousness – living a real autolithic experience, as theorized by the psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in the mid-1970s, an apparently self-aim experience, but totally complete, self-realizing, which is meant to be completed without the need for any kind of final result, but only because it is being accomplished.
Large format shots made for this exhibition – whose only fixed elements are photography and surf – bring the author to a completely neutral territory and only potential in its physical contours, where only the look of the observer is noticed, not the object of observation.
De Carolis is completely abandoned to this true suspension of the individual, till completely erasing all pre-personal and egoistic aspects, and blowing out in all its power the most authentic vibration of what we might call the “essential shot”.

We can define this shooting attitude “Flow shooting”. Through this approach, De Carolis realizes his true contribution to photographed reality, which finally ends up in the next printing process, strictly made in his own dark room. The exhibition – scheduled to stay in the Gallery until Saturday, December the 17th– consists on a preview of large format photographic prints together with an exclusive presentation of a selection of the author’s personal paper portfolio.

works on exhibition