La Linea

Galleria La Linea stems from the desire to offer and promote the work of a selected choice of young authors of figurative art, in a unique context of excellence in the world for nature and history, which is the Val d’Orcia – Unesco World Heritage and icon of the Renaissance.Strong of a deep belief that the beauty represents a universal value not merely aesthetical, but essentially educational and spiritual, that permeates every aspect of human existence, we believe that at the very moment in which different registers of such beauty can penetrate, the final result is really accomplished, encompassing and fulfilling.

From these premises arose our choice to start from Montalcino – home of Brunello – a project that aims to provide quality Contemporary Art to all those who have already demonstrated their intention to pursue harmony, beauty and quality, choosing to be in Val d’Orcia.

La Linea essentially means vision, direction, and consistency – while respecting the diversity that art as well as life always offer – in trying to achieve those goals that should inspire every conscious human experience.



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