We are pleased to inaugurate the private personal exhibition of painter Luca Grechi, arranged by Davide Sarchioni, a project that aims to deepen the meaning of the work of the young artist so as to conduct an analysis of his peculiar creative process.

Luca Grechi is a painter who is more intimately tied to the necessity of “doing” than adopting a given technical method. A “creation” which is becoming a principle of identity and definable more as an “attitude” than a true and proper “practice”. His current job is increasingly inspired from the observation of nature, the processes of transformation and the evolution of things, among objects, plants and flowers, in relation to the elapse of time.

With great sensitivity he welcomes these suggestions transferring them to his paintings, be they on canvas or on paper, evoking pieces of elements of vegetation that dissolve and emerge from the slow layering action of painting which is in no hurry to be finished, but is allowed to set even for a long time, potentially an infinite time, until it is able to stop the natural flow of the creative moment. It is not possible to interrupt the evolution of nature, just as it is not for Grechi to stem the continuous flow of the pictorial intuition that from the space of the frame protrudes in three-dimensional space with “objects” of various kinds.

The exhibition, designed specifically around the Gallery layout, offers a choice of recent works created in relation to some objects and a little site-specific intervention.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog with texts by Davide Sarchioni.

works in exhibition