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La Linea

Galleria La Linea stems from the desire to offer and promote the work of a selected choice of young authors of figurative art, in a unique context of excellence in the world for nature and […]

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“Analog(ue)cities” – a Massimo Gasperini solo exhibition

We are extremely proud to present the solo exhibition of the artist Massimo Gasperini entitled “Analog(ue) cities”, forworded by Gianni Pettena, the exhibition will remain on the calendar of the Gallery until June 25th.

Massimo Gasperini’s […]

  • Massimo Gasperini

Massimo Gasperini

His drawings are investigating a new relationship between artifice, structure and nature. New imaginary and architectural metaphors organisms, symbolic landscapes, epiphanies of places manifest a state of uneasy about certain urban conditions. Archetypes and symbols […]